About the LED Flashlight Batteries(Lithium ion Battery)

Classification of the battery

    1. Lithium Ion Battery(Li-ion,Lithium Ion Battery):Lithium ion battery has advantages of light weight, large capacity, no memory effect, etc. So it is widely used.——Now the lithium ion batteries  are used as a power source for many of the digital devices , although its price is more expensive. Lithium ion battery has high energy density, its capacity is 1.5 to 2 times as the same weight of of Nimh batteries, and has very low self-discharge rate. In addition, the lithium ion battery almost has no "memory effect", and does not contain toxic substances, it is the main reason that it is widely used.
  1. Nimh rechargeable battery(NIMH):Early Nimh battery is the replacement products for Nickel cadmium battery , it is the most environmentally friendly batteries so far, no longer use poisonous cadmium, can eliminate the heavy metals pollution to the environment problem. Nimh batteries has higher energy density ratio, this means it would not add additional weight to digital devices, use nimh batteries can effectively extend the working hours. While Nimh batteries and nickel-cadmium batteries in electrical features also is similar, in the actual application can completely replace the nickel cadmium battery, without making any modification for the equipment. Nimh batteries another advantage is that greatly reduced the nickel cadmium battery "memory effect", which make nickel metal hydride batteries to be more convenient to use.
  2. Alkaline batteries, alkaline batteries also called alkaline dry batteries, alkaline zinc manganese batteries, alkaline manganese battery, cylindrical alkaline zinc manganese battery, is optimal performance in zinc manganese battery series varieties. Applied to the large discharge and long time use. Battery internal resistance is low, So it generate a larger current than general manganese battery , compared to 0.025% of environmental mercury content, do not need to recycle.

Battery model instruction

  1. Any battery have their own model, common model is AA, AAA, CR123, RCR123, 50, 14500163, 40176, 70186, etc., including rechargeable and  non-rechargeable two kinds.
  2. Battery model instruction, AA, AAA, belongs to the most common civil battery, it is said as NO.5 and No.7 batteries in domestic, CR123 lithium battery belongs to the international standard, easy to buy in the civilian market, but it is non-rechargeable, and 18650 series of battery is difficult to buy in the civilian market, Because its designed primarily to form the battery pack for the industrial, but as more and more electrical equipment using 18650 lithium-ion batteries, 18650 lithium batteries also slowly towards the civilian market. 18 represents the diameter of the battery, 650 on behalf of the length of the battery, that is 18 MM in diameter, the length is 65.0 MM.

  3. Battery types exchange,AA=14500,CR123A=16340,CR123A*2=18650。

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