Strong Light Flashlight How to Choose and Buy 18650 Batteries

        Strong light flashlight use not ordinary AAA batteries, mainly USES 18650 rechargeable batteries, high capacity, without protection ordinary 18650 panels use up a lot of taboo, carelessly discarded batteries, but also to match the battery, but there is a belt of battery protection board can safely use, long life。

First, look look, with 18650 battery protection board more strengths than without a 18650 battery protection board 2 mm or so, the long out of 2 mm is in the battery protection board, it can not only see it from the length, shape also can see, in the bottom of the battery, take the battery protection board will have a 2-3 mm of concave and convex, if remove the outer packing, you can see the protection plate。
Second, the function of the difference, this is also with protection plate 18650 and without the important distinction between the battery protection board.Don't take 18650 battery protection board has a fatal flaw, once the battery power is depleted the battery scrap, but with 18650 battery protection board do not have to worry about this, protect the board also is here.
Third, calorific value, with 18650 battery protection board calorific value is smaller than without the battery protection board will be many, the calorific value of the battery are mostly unqualified products, battery quality closes nevertheless.
Fourth, battery life, most of the battery market exists serious qi, let emblem on 3600 mah or 4500 mah capacity, but the actual capacity is unattainable, currently 18650 battery capacity do highest is panasonic, can achieve 3100 Mah.'

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