TrustFire LED Lighting products Gloable Evaluating Activity Application Form

Welcome to attend the global assessment and trial activities of TrustFire flashlights, please read the following steps carefully before apply it
1、Pls fill in the global assessment form of TrustFire TK76 online
2、The testers would be selected and sent test products
3、The testers make assessments for TrustFire products(please finish the assessment within 20 days after receive the test products)
4、Please take photos or record videos in the process of evaluation, writing evaluation content at the same time
5、Share the evaluation in outdoor and equipment website or other related websites, BBS or other media
6、Fill in the feedback form of global assessment for TrustFire TK76 online
1、TrustFire has the right of final explanation, and the assessment result is possessed by us. Also, we have the right of using all pictures or text shared by testers.
2、"submit success" would be appear after you click on the submit, if not, please check if there is a hint at the bottom of the page, or you could make a feedback through the contact information of Trust Fire's official website.


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