LED Flashlight Waterproof Grading


The Correct Way of Using the Lithium ion 18650 Battery

18650 lithium ion 18650 battery could be used while using. To avoid over discharge.


It should be charged when device indicate low battery, if the device turn off automatically that battery have been overdischarge. It will affect battery life time. To avoid overcharging, Charger is fully charged, it should disconnect the power.

Generally, now the charger will stop charging automatically, there will not a big problems do not remove the battery from the charger for a short time. But if we left the battery on the charger for a long time, in late night, the voltage will increases, the charger will continue charging, causing overcharge. Long time not using, Lithium batteries should be charged up to 60%, separately stored in a cool dry place, every 4, 5 months supplementary charge . Avoid short circuit for the battery, high current discharge, it is adverse to the battery life.

About the LED Flashlight Batteries(Lithium ion Battery)

Classification of the battery

    1. Lithium Ion Battery(Li-ion,Lithium Ion Battery):Lithium ion battery has advantages of light weight, large capacity, no memory effect, etc. So it is widely used.——Now the lithium ion batteries  are used as a power source for many of the digital devices , although its price is more expensive. Lithium ion battery has high energy density, its capacity is 1.5 to 2 times as the same weight of of Nimh batteries, and has very low self-discharge rate. In addition, the lithium ion battery almost has no "memory effect", and does not contain toxic substances, it is the main reason that it is widely used.

Lithium Battery Charge for the First Time

How to use lithium ion batteries properly


  1. Avoid using in harsh conditions such as: high temperature, high humidity, be under the blazing summer sun for quite a long time,
  2. Avoid disposing battery into the fire  
  3. When disassembling battery, should ensure that use electrical appliances is turned off;
  4. Temperature should be maintained between -20 ~ 50 ℃ 
  5. To avoid the battery  "deposit" inside the electric appliance for a long time

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