Customer Philosophy


  1. Take customer-centric is the basic starting point of modern marketing concept, customer-centric, is the subject in order to develop our work around customers, look at our words and deeds, system, environment, improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, make customer recognition of our service.
  2. Be two things: one is the consciousness: every staff to take the customer as the center concept, to take the customer as the center of corporate culture; the other is action: at work, staff to carry out our respect to the customer,  value customers , this is the key point.。
  3. Sincere and honest with each other, consider the things from the view of the customers
  4. Every person will be client-facing , should have the consciousness of customer service

  5. The cost for getting a new customer is 6 times of retaining an old customer, retaining old customers, strengthen the management of customer care,
    to win customers "loyalty" is a key point in our daily work.

  6. The customer is our biggest authority, the customer is our master, determines the survival and development of our customers, the customer is our lifeline.
  7. The nature of our work is for the sake of customers, and our job responsibilities, job is greater than all.

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