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  Shenzhen Technology Co., Ltd. was established, specializing in independent researching and development, production, marketing and brand operation of high-quality lighting.

TrustFire the first item A1 LED flashlight have been born that shocked the world, to develop a high-quality, high-intensity flashlight era.
Also many users, media, including the same industry praised it as "Flashlight of 2005".


TrustFire Mini-01 LED flashlight has been praised as Pocket rocket by the leading U.S.A authority organization,
which is the smallest brightest keychain flashlight.

   TrustFire launch new products A2 LED flashlight was awarded as a five-star product (the highest level) again,

as now there are 10 TrustFire LED flashlight to get a perfect five-star appraisement.


TrustFire J10 is the top sale item. Classic tactical flashlight P10 was born, becoming a representative of the reliability, high performance tactical LED flashlight,
It is users' favorite for outdoor sports, hunting, military market.


C8 LED flashlight was awarded as 10 top travel small equipment; X100 LED flashlight praised as "May be the world's brightest AA flashlight"
Not only that, TrustFire LED flashlight Comprehensive won the National Silver outdoor equipment
TrustFire LED flashlight also won the national outdoor equipment Comprehensive Silver Award.

  TrustFire is the first company to introduce the United States industry standard of ANSI flashlight, 

leading the Chinese revolution in the flashlight industry. At the same year,
TrustFire A8 LED flashlight was awarded as the "First Asia Outdoor Industry Design Award",
and the TrustFire first high-brightness LED bicycle light TR010 was on sale.


Became a brightest shining star in the LED flashlight industry in 2012!
In the same year TrustFire get the certification of Shenzhen high-tech enterprise and "Guangdong Province" identified


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